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Yunnan Tobacco [ Hongtashan, Yuxi, Yunyan, etc. ]

Yunnan is well known for its quality tobacco, which lays a solid foundation for Yunnan cigarette brands development and its initial motor for Yunnan brands to become famous.
Yunnan has mild climate, abundant sunshine, appropriate rainfall, which are all important for tobacco growth.
The tobacco in Yunnan contains a delicate fragrance which has become the synonym of high quality tobacco.

Hunan Tobacco [ Furongwang ]

Furongwang means “king of cotton roses”, the flowers symbol of Hunan province, and is made of high quality hand-picked tobacco leaves. The imperial blue filter & golden crown represent royal taste and it is often smoked by those in positions of authority. It is now known as a premium ‘status’ item.

Jiangsu Tobacco [ Suyan ]

Suyan comes into the market in 2001, is the high-grade cigarette as a national brand, its target consumption group of political elites, business executives, or social celebrities. In April 2005, Suyan brand was awarded the “2005 China international tea culture (Hangzhou) west lake expo tea (host) designated banquet with cigarettes.” The image of the high-end cigarette Suyan is rated in the tobacco industry’s the most growth momentum of its own brand.

Dalian Tobacco [ Renmindahuitang ]

Renmindahuitang became the only brand from Liaoning elected into the list of the most valuable brands of China 2003. In addition, Renmindahuitang was honored as “National Top-grade Cigarette”, “Liaoning Province Famous Brand” and “Liaoning Famous Trademark” in 2004. It was successfully elected into Catalogue of National TOP100 Cigarette Brands.