SJ-World imports/distributes global brands and exports domestic brands to overseas duty free stores.

1. Importing Cigarettes from China
  • Importing and circulating Chinese cigarettes Yunnan Tobacco International Co., Ltd, Hong Kong team Success(pacific) Ltd., China Tobacco Hunan Industrial Corp. Ltd, China Tobacco Jiangsu Industrial Corp. Ltd, China Tobacco IMP.&EXP. Liaoning corp., in Korea (Supplying to 26 Duty Free Stores, and operating 11 stores)
2. Exporting Goods with a Korean origin.
  • Shelving CheongKwanJang products at duty-free stores in Indonesia.
  • Shelving Korean Watches on Indonesian online shopping mall elevenia and Indian online mall FlipKart.
  • Distributing SJ-World’s own jewelry brand through Indian online shopping mall FlipKart.